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Professor Dr. Markus Frölich

Executive Director

J7, 12
68159 Mannheim


Find Out Where We Are

The Center is located in the core of Europe, in Mannheim, Germany. It is well-connected to other cities and can be reached by train from Frankfurt (0h40), Bonn (2h), Zürich (3h10), Paris (3h30).

Legal status

Center for Evaluation and Development – C4ED
Mannheimer Zentrum für Evaluation und Entwicklungsforschung (MZEEF)

The Center is registered at Amtsgericht Mannheim (Registergericht) HRB 724105 as a limited liability corporation (Gesellschaft mit beschränkter Haftung UG haftungsbeschränkt).

Tax number   38145 / 02407

Non-profit status / Gemeinnützigkeitsstatus approved by Finanzamt Mannheim (Satzung 15. Dezember 2015). Registered at Finanzamt Mannheim, L3,10, 68161 Mannheim


Professor Dr. Markus Frölich

Professor of Econometrics

University of Mannheim

University of St.Gallen