Project Description

Picture: courtesy of Roberto (Bear) Guerrera


Together with the Centro Integral de la Niñez y Adolescencia (CENIT) and ViaNiños e.V. in Germany, we support an innovative primary school for working youth in Quito, Ecuador. In Quito many children and youth are forced to work from an early age to support themselves and their families. While initial primary school enrollment has recently increased in Ecuador, it is especially difficult for working street children and youth to continue their education. Older children that did not attend, or only partly attended, primary school have almost no chance to return to the regular public school system. As the case in many countries, the education system offers little flexibility to children and youth who have not attended part of the curriculum. This poses a high risk of losing these children for the rest of the educational process and foregoing high returns to education for the individuals and society.


In this project CENIT offers a specialized primary school “ESTAR” geared towards older youth who wish to retake their primary school education. Being the only school of its type in Quito, ESTAR offers these students a three-year version of the regular six-year primary school curriculum. This allows the adolescents to attend a regular high school upon completion and/or undergo vocational training. This is a step towards giving them the skills and knowledge to earn higher income and break the cycle of poverty. C4ED, together with ViaNiños e.V and the implementing partner CENIT, is dedicated to evaluating this project in a rigorous manner. In this first pilot project implemented in the South of Quito we will focus on ex-post evaluation using a mix of quantitative and qualitative methods.