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Our brochure will inform you about C4ED’s activities, projects and methods. 

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Das Zentrum für Evaluation und Entwicklungsforschung hat eine Working Paper Arbeitspapierserien zu Wirkungsevaluationsmethoden und  anwendungen initiiert.

Some Recent Working Papers

Working Paper 2015/01

Can Microinsurance Help Prevent Child Labor? An Impact Evaluation from Pakistan. Andreas Landmann, by Markus Frölich (revised version published in Journal of Health Economics, 2015, 39, 51-59).

Working Paper 2015/02

Direct and Indirect Treatment Effects: Causal Chains and Mediation Analysis with Instrumental Variables, by Markus Frölich and Martin Huber.

Working Paper 2015/03

Building Trust in Rural Producer Organizations in Senegal: Results from a Randomized Controlled Trial, by Tanguy Bernard, Markus Frölich, Andreas Landmann, Pia Naima Unte, Angelino Viceisza, Fleur Wouterse.

Working Paper 2015/04

The Finite Sample Performance of Semi- and Nonparametric Estimators for Treatment Effects and Policy Evaluation, by Markus Frölich, Martin Huber and Manuel Wiesenfarth.

Working Paper 2015/05

Endogeneity and Non-Response Bias in Treatment Evaluation: Nonparametric Identification of Causal Effects by Instruments, by Hans Fricke, Markus Frölich, Martin Huber and Michael Lechner.

Working Paper 2016/01

School Meals and Educational Outcomes in Rural Ethiopia, by Robert Poppe, Markus Frölich, Getinet Haile.