Our 2022 symposium “Impact Evaluation and Effective Philanthropy” brought together leading experts in the field of philanthropy, social impact investment, and global development to discuss the importance of measuring impact and evaluating the effectiveness of projects. The conference emphasized the need for a close exchange between theory and practice in order to ensure that efforts to alleviate poverty and promote development are truly effective.

Recent Nobel Prizes in economics have highlighted the importance of impact evaluations and measurement. The conference covered aspects of combining impact measurement with investing Рimpact investing. Attendees discussed the importance of evaluating and verifying ideas and projects, conducting feasibility studies, critically assessing the strategy of the organization receiving funding, examining financial plans, determining financial needs and funding models, developing business models in partnership with organizations, evaluating investment opportunities and conducting due diligence to identify weaknesses and risks.

The conference also featured contributions from the KfW Development Bank and the Swiss Federal Department of Economic Affairs, promoting dialogue between the private and public sectors and across borders. Attendees included representatives from medium and large foundations, as well as social entrepreneurs and sustainable investment funds, who are all committed to achieving real, measurable impact beyond just financial returns.

The conference provided an opportunity for attendees to share their experiences and learn from each other, as well as to think critically about the actual impact of programs and projects in reducing poverty, promoting development, and addressing climate change. Impact measurement and investment continue to be key topics for these organizations as they seek to make a lasting difference in the world.

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