At C4ED, we are committed to an evidence-based, transparent, and accountable approach to development. We understand that in order to achieve development goals and improve the living conditions of communities in affected regions, it is essential to integrate findings from impact evaluations into the strategic management of programs and projects. With a scientific background, our team at C4ED approaches our work with a holistic and integrated mindset, bridging the gap between research and action. Our two-pronged strategy sees us conduct independent and rigorous evaluations for clients, aiming to understand the impact of development programs and providing sound advice. Additionally, we run our own projects in Ethiopia and Pakistan, combining the latest research methods and technologies with the rich implementation experience of our local partners to ensure quality and reliability.

We operate from an intermediary perspective, bringing together investment and local expertise on the ground and accompanying them with integrated evaluation methodologies. This approach allows us to make development cooperation more effective and efficient. We are proud to be a trusted partner to organizations around the globe and look forward to continuing our efforts to create a more equitable and sustainable future.

Our Two Pillars in Action