Photo by: Robert (Bear) Guerrera

Graph: Ela Aschenbach

C4ED’s expertise builds on a solid experience with evaluation projects in more than 30 countries across Africa, Asia and Latin America. Committed to independent and high-quality research, the Center conducts impact evaluations and supports development projects across all fields related to poverty alleviation and sustainable development.

Our conception of impact evaluation is one that goes hand in hand with the project implementation. This implies a close cooperation with the implementing organization from the onset of the project (ex-ante evaluation).

Essentially project support provided by the Center can be of two kinds:

  • independent evaluations with technical assistance
  • set up of development (pilot) projects with a direct involvement in design and implementation.

Projects typically ranges from small-scale pilot or demonstration projects held in few villages, households or schools, up to medium and large-scale interventions with several hundreds or thousands observations. Sample sizes that are large enough allow for statistically robust impact evaluations and subsequently, improved decision-making and upscaling of successful projects.