In a significant collaboration aimed at addressing crucial challenges faced by young children in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan, C4ED has joined forces with the World Bank to conduct a comprehensive Household Survey on Early Childhood Development and Parental Adversity.

The region, fraught with obstacles such as limited stimulation, lack of learning materials, and the presence of Afghan refugees, requires urgent attention to ensure the well-being and development of its children. To tackle these issues and contribute to post-pandemic recovery efforts, the World Bank has commissioned a thorough household survey.

C4ED, a research and development company committed to fostering positive change, is spearheading this essential initiative. The primary objectives of the study include understanding community-level stressors, assessing the mental health of caregivers, and evaluating overall child development. C4ED’s meticulous approach encompasses quality assurance measures such as spot checks, accompanying enumerators during data collection, and duplicate administration of surveys to ensure the reliability of field data.

By collaborating with the World Bank and the Early Learning Partnership, C4ED aims to shape effective early childhood development programs in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa while providing valuable insights for policymakers across Pakistan. This partnership marks a significant step towards ensuring a brighter future for the region’s children.


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